Our Floor Care and Maintenance product line includes a variety of high quality cleaners, strippers, sealers, and waxes formulated for various surfaces and environments.

Standard Packaging: 4x1 gal cs, 2x2.5 gal cs, 5 gal pail, 55 gal drum, 275 gal IBC Please feel free to contact us for special packaging requirements or further information.

See below for a list and short description of our more popular products in the Floor Care category.

Bubble Up 1581 Concentrated Concrete Stain and Rust Remover
Dissolve Plus 7002 Concentrated Liquid Carpet Cleaner w/ Optical Brighteners
Double-Duty 1301 Concentrated Neutral Detergent / Floor Cleaner
Ensolve 7114 Concentrated Enzymatic Stain Remover
Hi-Clean 7111 Concentrated Floor Cleaner
Hi-Seal 7113 Ready-to-use High Solids Floor Sealer
Hi-Shine 7110 Ready-to-use Economy Medium Finish Floor Wax
Hi-Step 7112 Ready-to-use Medium Finish Floor Wax
Mirror Shine 7037 Ready-to-use Premium Hard Finish Floor Wax
Restore 7118 Concentrated Floor Finish Revitalizer
Spot-Out 1722 Ready-to-Use Carpet Spot and Stain Remover
Super Carpet Extractor 1126 Concentrated Carpet Extractor Detergent
Super Stripper 4260 Concentrated Floor Wax Stripper
Super Take-Off 1278 Concentrated Floor Scrubber Detergent
Taskmaster 1276 Concentrated Neutral Floor Scrubber Detergent