Formulated to be effective while remaining cost efficient, our Janitorial and General Purpose product line includes cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers and disinfectants suitable for use in a variety of industries.

Standard Packaging: 4x1 gal cs, 2x2.5 gal cs, 5 gal pail, 55 gal drum, 275 gal IBC Please feel free to contact us for special packaging requirements or further information.

See below for a list and short description of our more popular products in the Janitorial and General Purpose category.
*Standard packaging container sizes apply unless otherwise noted.

Blast 7077 Ready-to-Use Drain Opener
Bowl Cleaner-Acidic 1130 Ready-to-Use Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Bowl Cleaner-Non Acidic 1135 Ready-to-Use General Purpose Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Clear Vue Concentrate 1312 Concentrated Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
Clear Vue 1311 Ready-to-Use Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
Econopine 1277 Concentrated Pine Cleaner / Degreaser
Eliminator 1125 Concentrated Odor and Organic Stain Remover
GP Cleaner 3470 Concentrated General Purpose Cleaner
Maintain 1129 Ready-to-Use Granite / Hard Surface Cleaner
Mean Green 7012 Concentrated Heavy-Duty Degreaser
Microblend Liquid 7024 Ready-to-Use Biological Grease Trap / Drain Treatment
*Sani-Rinse No Rinse Sanitizer 1120 Concentrated No-Rinse Sanitizer / Disinfectant*
Odorsorb 1555 Ready-to-Use Odor Eliminator
Room Fresh 7050 Ready-to-Use Deodorizer (Available in various scents)
Squeaky Foam 3466 Concentrated High-Foaming Cleaner / Degreaser
Squeaky Kleen 3465 Concentrated Citrus Cleaner / Degreaser
Super Dazzle 7082 Ready-to-Use Complete Restroom Cleaner
X-20 1285 Concentrated Cleaner / Degreaser
*Available in 1 gal. 5 gal. and 55 gal.